Friday, 15 January 2010

There Are 2 Posts Today, The First in Praise of the Searwater (from yesterday)

A small group of 7 Audubon's Shearwaters appeared from around a headland just a few meters from where we were anchored. Immediately, they seemed very interested in this sea-area and commenced flying round in circles, surveying the prospects. They then flew back up tide and wind, flopping and diving into the sea. If this attempt at catching prey failed, they remained on the surface, face into the sea as if looking for a target. When locating one, they would dive, Guillemot like, and on most occasions be successful. I have witnessed similar behaviour with Manx Shearwaters, close to Skokholm, Skomer & Grassholm etc, but never so close, prolonged and detailed.

First the plunge from the air into the sea.

Occasionally submerging completely.

Failing to capture prey.

Return to the surface,

and commence a search

with head submerged.

Sighting prey, the chase underwater, the bird can just be seen to the left of the line of bubbles?

The catch, thought large for a 'small' Shearwater!

After the kill the group took to the air, re-located and continued the chase.

After what was a mini feeding-frenzy the group sat on the sea preening.

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