Thursday, 25 February 2010

Home, home again I like to be here when I can - more Pink Floyd

The long haul was a piece of cake, 45 minutes late taking off but once airbourne it was a couple of glasses of tomato juice, a movie (Public Enemies), dinner then fell asleep. At that point there were still 11 hours of flying time left, when I woke up we had just reached the south western edge of the Bay of Biscay and less than 2 hours to Paris. Breakfast, not egg and bacon, and we were there, where transfer was simple except for the surly nature of security searchig bags etc. Just a 2 hour wait for the connection to Heathrow, with Air France once again coming up trumps with excellent service and right on time.

A bit of a train ride to get from terminal 4 to the Cebtral Bus Station Heathrow, but again simple, and National Express as usual got me to Weymouth 10 minutes ahead of time. Hoping normal service will be resumed manana - whoops - I mean tomorrow, I think I hear a cider being poured, hic!

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