Monday, 1 March 2010

The Delights of Birding Weymouth & Portland

Purple Sandpiper

What a day weather wise, so a golden opportunity to get a few species on the 2010 GB Year List. After yesterdays run out to Martinstown for lunch with Bob & Anne, the list increased to 45 with the afore mentioned Woodpecker, Lapwing, Rook and a Sparrowhawk at home. Today saw another 24 enter the log with the best, of what were all relatively common birds, being Great Northern Diver, Purple Sandpiper and Mediterannean Gull. I can also report catching up with both Robin and Grey Heron.


It was also a good day for catching up with people not seen for quiet a while, with predictably Daragh Croxson at Lodmoor, Martin Cade at the Portland Bird Observatory and John Lucas on the West Cliff. I caught up with Hugo Wood-Homer at the Obelisk looking for Purple Sandpiper, the same as me. There were also some most welcome comments from many of you regarding this Blog, in general seeming that it has brightened something of a severe winter so far, I thank all of you for that.


I am also continuing to publish photographs of birds seen during my wanderings back here in England, as promised to many new found friends in the Americas. Additionally, there will be some images of our local surroundings, bird sites and places of interest here in Dorset over the next few days.

Black-headed Gull

Ferry Bridge

What is often refered to as the Island of Portland is in fact joined to the mainland by an 18 mile long bank of stone pebbles known as Chesil Beach. There is also a road bridge connecting which is where these 2 images were taken, both to the west of the main road.

Looking north west along 'The Fleet', a streatch of sheltered water vitally important for migrant and resident birds, many species of breeding fish and other marine life, plus a wealth of aquatic and terrestrial plants.

A view in the other direction, almost south, shows the tidal foreshore so important to Gulls, Terns, Wading Birds, Geese etc, etc. A real 'hot spot' for birdwatchers, myself included.

Finally, an amendment to a statement I made some days ago. It was in fact John Martin and not Paul Harris who was Grahame Walbridge's contact to Steve Howell. Apologies to those concerned.

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