Tuesday, 9 March 2010

An Open Mind For A Different View

Prompted by the visit to Langton Herring on Sunday to see the Bufflehead, today I decided to set my sights in a different direction and pay a long overdue visit to the eastern end of The Fleet. Close to 07-00 I started my walk at Tidmoor, Charlestown intending to walk to Ferry Bridge. With the sun hidden by cloud, clear atmosphere and sheltered from the wind, conditions were ideal for 'birding', all that was missing were the birds. I'd hoped to see what in the past have been regular Grey & Ringed Plover, Goldeneye and maybe even a Knot but all were absent. No need even to remove boots and socks to keep a tally of how many species were encountered, the most interesting being Curlew, Little Egret, Red-breasted Merganser, Oystercatcher, a few Med Gulls and a single Grey Heron, none of which increased the 'year list'. At Ferry Bridge the situation was even worse with, excluding a few Gulls, no birds at all, so plenty of time to compose the Blog today!

For those of you not familiar with our locale, this link to Google Maps may be of some use. Today's venture took me from Charlestown to the northern end of Portland, while for future reference Lodmoor is situated between Overcoombe and Weymouth and Radipole Nature Reserve is to the east of the main road, south of Radipole village.

Find our location in Weymouth using Google Maps

Two views of Lynch Cove on The Fleet.

Chesil Beach can be seen in the background.

Little Egret

again in flight.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Mediterranean Gull

In addition to writing today's instalment, there was also plenty of time to appraise the latest addition to the CD collection, Joe Bonamassa 'Live! From Nowhere In Particular'. With due consideration for the lack of visuals, as featured on his 'Live! From The Royal Albert Hall' DVD, I have to mark it down as only sensational. A double album featuring 18 tracks (10 of them new) the high points are still reached with 'standards' such as Django, High Water Everywhere and Sloe Gin but all played with an increased raw edge. The line up remains much the same as for the Albert Hall except for the exclusion of drummer Anton Figg, leaving Bogie Bowles to handle a less full sound on just a single kit, my only critisism if you could call it that. If nothing else, please listen to the final track Wurm - A New Day Yesterday it'll blow you away!

Just before ending the boredom, it's only fair to say that the invite to the up and coming Bonamassa gig at the BIC in May is now closed. Only 2 takers in the shape of Bowie and Sheila Edwards, the tickets have been purchased so if you do go look out for us in the front, right of center.

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