Monday, 22 March 2010

Slim Pickings

With all forecasters predicting rain this afternoon, it was always likely to be a short 'birding' day but with some preparations to make it was going to be anyway. At 07-00 the sky was 6 parts covered and with very little wind the birdwatching should have been good, but there was an acute shortage of targets. Not a migrant during the walk from home to Lodmoor (via Radipole) and there things were very quiet as well. A single Chiffchaff did let out a burst of song as single Spoonbill, and Redshank plus c3 Lapwing fed on mud banks, while the only other sign of life was left to Dick Morris who had a Red Kite flying high over the north of the reserve. All else were c3 Shelduck a good way from shore settled on the sea in Weymouth Bay, so I took a short cut up Wey Bay Avenue and caught a bus to Dorchester. There I had the best 'fun' of the day, an hours shopping ready for Ille's arrival tomorrow. We have quite a heavy schedule over the next 12 days, during which time we hope to see many of you, so here's hoping.

A message for my friends at Raco Buenos Aires, I received your e-mail today but when I tried to return to it this evening it had disappeared. Don't know what is wrong with my system, but if you could send it again I'll transfer it directly to Save and answer it from there. Thank you for sending anyway, good to hear from you.

Wood Pigeon

Collared Dove

Blackbird (male)


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