Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hants and Dorset

a couple of images from last night:-

Despite Paul & Tess living in the heart of suburbia this female Pheasant put in an appearance in their back garden before we left for the pub.

At the Horse & Groom at East Ashling, West Sussex, Paul had the lamb shoulder, Tess the Haddock Fishcakes, Ille enjoyed Salmon in white sauce, and I Roast Duck, and very nice it all was.

This morning, after coddled eggs, we left for Christchurch and our friends Hugh and Janet Dampney at Parley Green. En route we made another bid for Goosander at Blashford Lakes, this time with success, A male in company with c2 females were lurking behind the shingle spit, but showed well enough for viewing but not for photography. Greylag Geese, Goldeneye, Black-necked Grebe and both large Woodpeckers were still in attendance but there was nothing else to add to the year list so we pushed on.

male Goosander

female Goosander

A pleasant enough drive through the New Forest, but arriving at Christchurch it seemed the whole population was mobile on their pre Easter drive, with not a car park space to be found. Plan B was to drive back out of town and catch a bus in to the centre, which we did.

The old guildhall, Christchurch, Dorset

Part of the castle ruins close to the Priory, Christchurch

Christchurch Priory

Fan Vaulting & Norman Arches within

A fine example of a 'misericord'. In the days of no seating, these thin lips of wood allowed the older members of the clergy to relieve their 'misery' by resting their backsides on the small seat. In all cathedrals and high churches the carving was individual, and at one time I collected photographs of as many as I could find.

The Rood Screne leading to the Lady Chapel

A Hatchment. A 'coat of arms' placed within the church to mark the rite of a wealthy family, seating would be allocated by rank, just as the Lord intended??

From here we drove to Parley Green arriving at Parley Court about 15-00.

Kingfisher was hoped for, either on the duck pond or on the River Stour, but that was not to be so we set about walking around the farm, finding Pied Wagtail on the way.

Parley Court Manor, the family home of the Dampneys

Outside the picturesque home of Mrs Dampney (Joan) senior.

Janet and Ille at the Parley Equestrian Centre

Putting a 'filly' through her paces.

Ille's first attempt at golf on the Parley Course.

and we were told Tiger Woods is shaking in his boots at the prospect!

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