Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Bohemian Rhapsody

A little forward planning should have seen me on the 09-30 Vienna, Meidling to Praha (Prague), Czech Republic, but with a quick breakfast and some slick assistance at the station I caught the 08-25. Leaving right on time, it was a little frustrating to find a stop of a full 20 minutes less than a mile down the line. However, interest was maintained with the stop being adjacent to an inner-city motorway construction site with lorries like a swarm of bees, coming and going, and all manner of heavy plant in operation. Yawn!
Ninety minutes later we arrived at the border town of Breclav where the Austrian train crew were relieved by the Czech team, but not before Jackdaw, Mute Swan, Turtle Dove and Cormorant were added to the 'trip list'. I'd forgotten to mention the family of Peregrines in the cathedral yesterday every cathedral should have one), while also before the border with the train at slow speed, a fine adult male Marsh Harrier was seen quartering the track side.

It was now time to start yet another 'country list', and to recap on the past couple of days. Croatia = 20 species, Slavenia = also 20 and Austria trailing on 16. At the time of leaving Austria the 'trip list stood at 36.

As though flicking a switch the building become far more austere, including huge, dark apartment blocks and villages that had seen better days, with barely a structure having escaped the grafitti vandals aerosol - Rael imperial Aerosol Kid, exits into daylight his spray-gun hid.

Prague Railway Station

The Czech National Museum

The view from Saint Wenceslas Statue looking north.

Saint Wenceslas Square, Prague
A long way to come to see a bloke on a horse!

The view from the statue at night

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