Saturday, 15 May 2010

A Pictorial of 'Old Town' Tallinn

Much like the modern usage of the terms 'superstar' or 'legend' the word 'quaint' is often misrepresented. Elsewhere maybe, but here in Tallinn that just seems to sum up the Old Town perfectly. Having spent many hours discovering one of Europe's truly unspoiled capitals, it was no toil to get out there and see what else there was to be found among the cobbled streets and brightly painted buildings. An ancient city, much of it Medieval, has by and large avoided the damages of war and occupation. The Russians retreated from the country with little distress to the infrastructure, unlike Outer Mongolia where they even took with them the windows of government buildings. The Germans did destroy some of the historic buildings but by and large most remained intact, with city walls bearing witness to Estonia's forefathers.   

This plaque was a fortuitous find, close to the ferry terminal, commemorating our own Royal Navy.

I don't know what many of these buildings are, some being private dwellings while others are National Embassies.

Very few buildings are run down,

with most, like this one, absolutely pristine.

Decoration atop a church spire.

I could imagine this as some important 'merchants' house,

with the main door detail looking very fine!

Heading towards the Main Square.

Detail of a church clock.

A few shots looking around the Main Square.

Detail of an ornate but grotesque gargoyle on the same church.

Looking west across the square.

and a church beyond.

This beautiful Peacock Butterfly landed right at my feet as I crossed the square.

The old Russian Orthodox Church.

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