Friday, 7 May 2010

Belgrade to Sarijavo, Bosnia

It took a full hour yesterday afternoon to walk to the Eastrn Railway Station, but once there it was a simple task to get a ticket for the overnight train Prague to Belgrade, Serbia. Getting a meal was equally simple, but the choice was almost Hobson's with just Burger King on one corner and McDonald's on the other. Selection was made simple by the fact that the latter was 50 feet closer, but served as a timely reminder as to why I don't frequent these places. The food was shite (but filled a hole), while the obvious regualar 'grazers' at this establishment were living proof that they did put Humpty back together again!

Having opted for the 15 Euro fare (370 miles x 8 hours) I was only afforded a seat rather that a sleeper, but up to seconds before departurnde it seemed I had secured a compatment to myself. That's when Milan Karobic and his mate Nenad Dugic burst in announcing, "we only chose these seats because you looked interesting". It was one of those moments you wished you'd put a bag over your head, but once we had settled down to some conversation it became clear that they too were interesting. For 20'somethings they were extremely well travelled, and when the chat got round to contemporary music they sure as hell knew their stuff. There was never going to be any chance of serious sleep until we had cleared both sides of the Hungarian/Serbian border by which time we had covered most places between Mongolia and the Grand Canyon, plus Led Zeppelin to The Clash. In addition, during their visit to Amsterdam they had bought endless amounts of cakes, biscuits, waffles etc so we were able to share a fine picnic.

Sleep comes like a drug, in God's country (U2) so I woke just 15 minutes from Belgrade surprisingly refreshed. They on the other hand seemed a bit phased and announced they would be heading home for more sleep. However, that was not before they put me right about visiting the city. I hope they, and the people of Serbia will forgive me for saying that the tour was short lived, but it was interesting walking the banks of the River Sava for an hour or so. You'll note I have spared the reaer yet another bridge photograph!

By noon it was time to move on again, and once again most conveniently there was a bus about to leave for Sarejavo, Bosnia. Once again there was plenty of space on the bus to start with, so was able to concentrate on the lap top until the battery died on me. At the first stop I grabbed an espresso and wandered around outside, to find a man with a huge BBQ spit-roasting a whole sheep, I only wish there was time to have taken him up on it.

After about 2 hours we reached the border town of Zvornik, nestling on the Lake of Drina, where on both sides the officials were very friendly and relaxed and soon had us on our way. Passing the first 2 of a 6 tunnel complex we could already see the lower slopes of The Bakans appearing, with neat, tiny villages and farms it was difficult to imagine that only a short few years ago the region was 'war-torn'. We had also picked up some new passengers, my new travelling companions being Tamara and Marina, both in their late teens and at university. With good English, they were able to fill in all the detail I would otherwise have missed.

As for birds, they were always goin to take a back seat on this trip, but I did add Coal Tit and a late Fieldfare to the 'trip list', while a distant Eagle Sp passed unidentified.

There was a advert hording in the city that caught my eye. I have no idea what for but the caption read:- 'A gentleman is simply a patient wolf'.
This photo, best known to itself, wouldn´t upload yesterday. Me and my Dad in Prague.

Milan Karobic
Nenad Dugic

Me Waffling again

The three of us

Surrounding hills of Sarijavo

The Art Acadamy

One of manz Moscs

War damage still visible on the Library

General cirty scene

12th centurz church

Dowbtown Sarijavo
The new Sarijavo growing

More war damage

More surrounding hills

It has been hell og a game getting this post off, as Ive had to use a local computer. Press S and zou get a hzphen etc, etc please excuse the faults.

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