Monday, 3 May 2010

The 'Whistle-Stop' Tour Continues

After a 5 hour train ride to Gatwick and an overnight wait of 6 hours plus a full day yesterday, I was happy to reach any hotel especially The Astoria in Zagreb. A great nights sleep, shower and even better breakfast I set off to discover some of the city. It was a similar day weather-wise to yesterday with most of the sky covered, some sunny spell, little wind and a temperature of about 24C.

This is to be a Capital City hopping trip, hoping to cover 13 countries in the time allowed. The only problem might be Albania which I believe to be little visited as a tourist centre, but the Foreign & Commonwealth Office put no restrictions on it and say that the welcome is 'friendly', so I'll be looking forward to that if I get so far.

The Croatian Flag unfurled in the windless conditions

Hooded Crow breakfasting in the litter free environment of a park. The only other species added to the 'trip list' today were Chaffinch, Great Tit and Collared Dove (total at present 20).

Part of the old Zagreb at the top of the gradient.

This post will be mostly be a pictorial, but it will be interesting to see if the reader can spot any litter or rubbish. This is by no means my first city in the world, but it is by a mile the cleanest, in line with what I saw yesterday. It just highlights what a shower of slobs the English are, with just a moments care we could be like this!

The Catholic Cathedral from afar.

The immaculate Old City

Closer to the Cathedral, pity about the scaffold but you can't have it all.

Detail of the Gothic Arch doorway

Jailed 'Fallen Angels'.

The Cathedral Square

Monument of Angels

Part of the Old City walls.

An Orthodox skyline.

One of an amazing tram system, which I soon found out was free to the over 60's (had to get the grey wig out again).

At that price it was worth a ride out to the suburbs, which were once again 'clean as a whistle'. Every garden looked immaculate, all recycle bins in place and a feeling of pride for their country. The people, as I have found many times in the past, are friendly and most helpful, one lady even going out of her way, several hundred yards, to make sure I got on the right tram back. While this has only been a short stay in Croatia, I can't see that things would change anywhere you travel and would strongly recommend a visit.

Hussar Monument in the Main Square.

This afternoon I took the train to Ljubljana capital of Slovenia (no coaches run on this route). With shortage of Internet access I will need to continue this evening 04/05/10.

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