Monday, 7 June 2010

Keep The Home Fires Burning

As a short precursor to today's post, I was informed earlier by my dear friend Roy Henderson of an article of interest in yesterday's Dorset Echo as per this 'link'.

Arson attack at Weymouth nature reserve (From Dorset Echo)

Those who remember the RSPB (Reserves Manager Nick Tomlinson) response in the Echo to their own bout of pyromania, will recall how he told us that no damage was inflicted, no wildlife was destroyed etc, etc, while making no reference to the cost to the Tax Payer, the suffering of the residents of Grasmere Crescent and close environs, or the destruction of the only Marsh Harrier breeding site ever known at this, or any other, local reserve. There has already been a small response, but as I have said in the past it is not my nature to let important matters rest, and rest they will not!!!!

My reply published on the Dorset Echo Website this afternoon.

Let's make it clear, the fire at Radipole in November was an act of gross incompetence on a day when the wind speed was never less than 25 knots, a easily substantiated fact. On that day the RSPB Local Manager let his employees into a tinder dry reed-bed (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) armed with a box of matches, and I guess without a 'risk assessment' in place? The estimated cost to the 'tax payer' (you and me) was a Quarter of a MILLION Pounds, which seems to have passed by without question, not to mention the destruction of the only Marsh Harrier breeding site in the Borough. The latest fire was set by moron/s, but I'm having difficulty spotting the difference in fire-starters.

The RSPB fire is just one of a catalog of disasters since the start of Mr Tomlinson tenure, examples include the total destruction of a large colony of scarce Southern Marsh Orchids, the building of a Sand Martin Wall in the heart of this SSSI during the 'breeding season' and the wanton destruction of the only public viewable example of an uncommon plant, the Branched Bur-Reed. These are but a few of many malpractices that occur almost daily on OUR Nature Reserves in the name of Conservation.

What's needed is a public investigation, with answers, as to what is happening on OUR reserves, perhaps starting with an examination of Mr Tomlinson's credentials. At the final analysis who are the RSPB answerable to, and how long are they going to be allowed to keep making these catastrophic mistakes?

Southern Marsh Orchid, this photograph is one of just c3 I could find on the reserve today. Before the RSPB grubbed out the main colony with a mechanical digger, you would have been able to see many dozens on a similar date in the past!

The Main Post Will Follow Shortly

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