Sunday, 11 July 2010

The (Ear) Wicker Man - Iron Maiden

At 06-00 the prospects of a good day weather-wise was already evident, and while the search of the local cemetery came to naught there was a combination of several hundred Swallow, House & Sand Martin and Swifts flying above Radipole Reserve. In addition, I was lucky enough to watch a Marsh Harrier cut high across the marsh, probably on its way back to Lodmoor, while a Little Egret was content to perch in a tree at the North Hide as c2 Common Terns once again fed at the east lake.

Catching the first bus to Portland I caught up with this perched Skylark at Barleycrates, where a far less obliging Stonechat (the blackest one I've ever seen) was much more camera-shy. Otherwise, things were extremely quite until I reached the Observatory where there was the expected mix of Ricky Lambert, Richard Newton and the Warden who soon had me looking at c2 Arctic Skua and a Balearic Shearwater, the first I've seen this year.

A cycle road race was also in progress, and I simply marveled at the stamina of the precipitants.

and then, I once again met up with Deborah and Simon Earwicker a guarantee of stimulating conversation. Not least, their unusual and novel surname which they enlightened me dates back to the Anglo-Saxons and relates to those who 'minded the hogs'. In the days of feudal farming, pigs were both a benefit and a nuisance if left to their own devices. Someone had to take care of this, which was left to the Earwicker's.

The afternoon, I returned to the Seafood Festival, and for a while watched last years 'Master Chef' winner Matt Foulus knocking up a bit of 'posh snap'. That's him on the right, who they tell me has a restaurant in Beaminster.

Further along I met up with The Captain, Gordon and Jill at their permanent 'seafood bar', before

moving on to Hope Square where Kenny Sharp was frantically waving for me to join him and his family for a drink. Ken and I have covered 'thousands' of sea miles together, and if I had to describe him in a few words, I would simply say the most 'resourceful' individual I have ever met - great to see you all Kenny!

Ken's long suffering missus Ann and daughter Charlotte.

Don't know what monika this motley bunch went under, but they knocked out some excellent 'Shanties'.

The crowd around Brewers Quay.

Weymouth Outer Harbour right bank.

Weymouth Outer Harbour left bank.

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