Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Site-Seeing in Derbyshire

With heavy and frequent showers early on, it looked very much as if it was going to be a 'stay at home' day. Fortunately, by mid-morning things had improved a little so once again Andy and I opted for a walk through the wood at Melbourne pool. Breakfast was calling by about 10-30 so we popped into the Welcome Cafe before driving to Staunton Harold Reservoir, one of our fishing spots during my previous visits. Here we saw one of no fewer than c3 broods of young Mandarin ducks with female parents.

Staunton Harold

We walked around much of the reservoir stopping here at another of our favourite fishing spots.

Next stop was Calke Abbey a Grade I listed country house near Ticknall, Derbyshire, in the care of the charitable National Trust. The site was an Augustinian priory from the 12th century until its dissolution by Henry VIII. The present building, named Calke Abbey in 1808, was never actually an abbey, but is a Baroque mansion built between 1701 and 1704. The house was owned by the Harpur family for nearly 300 years until it was passed to the Trust in 1985 in lieu of death duties.

Part of the herd of Fallow & Red Deer at the Abbey.

Including a 'White Hart'.

View of the Ha Ha looking towards the church.

The Ha Ha looking at the Abbey.

A Ha Ha is a hidden wall or fence, keeping at bay unwanted visitors, such as deer etc, while being invisible from the 'Big House' - you wouldn't want to see a 'wall' from the house would you now?

Calke Abbey Church

Moving on to the picturesque village of Repton, we first of all visited the 'world renowned' Public School.

Always nice to know where you are going.

It is claimed that from this arch, the entrance to Repton School, it is possible to see an example of architecture from every century of the past thousands years.

Students from many nations throughout the world study at Repton, but now the school also has an annex in Dubai as well.

Included on campus there is a full size and well appointed cricket pitch, complete with pavilion, left. The pitch has also been used for charity 'rock' concerts, including a performance by Jules Holland and Brian Ferry (Roxy Music). On that occasion (tickets only) local builder Roland Beeston drove his 'digger' to the wall, hoisted the bucket and watched the gig in comfort!

The church spire peeks above school buildings,

and also overlooks ancient column bases that once formed much older buildings.

Local cottages, just across the road from

the Parish church of St Wystan's, Repton.

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  1. Hi Paul
    left a comment last week but it didnt work! I was actually at Repton from 1989 to 1994 so got quite a surprise to see these photos!
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