Friday, 9 July 2010

Something a Bit 'Fishy' About This Post

Last evening I visited a Barn Owls nest containing a number of feeding young, I had hoped for some photographs but in the event all of the birds were unwilling to oblige. I did however get to see (from a distance) a parent bird returning, with prey, and as every Owl lover knows, this is enough, any photos would have been a massive bonus.

Barn Owl - what might have been, from Wikipedia with thanks.

Weymouth All the Way

Look what we've achieved!

Thanks to the area's fantastic tourist industry businesses and a hard–working Economic and Tourism Development team at the Council, the Borough scooped an award for being the 4th 'up-and-coming' travel destination in the Whole World.

Emma O'Boyle of TripAdvisor presents the award to Borough Mayor Paul Kimber.

Paul Kimber and I were in the Royal Navy at the same time and before demob both our families settled on Portland around about 1967. After this we were 'shipmates' for some 18 years onboard various craft, and there can be no denying Paul has been a true and faithful servant to the Borough and further afield. Well done matey!

'Uplifting' celebration for town bridge 80th anniversary

What might be described as an

Open and

Shut case!

Sunday 4th July was the 80th anniversary of Weymouth Town Bridge, and residents and visitors lined the quay and visited a public exhibition at the Harbour Office to celebrate. Two residents with connections to the bridge, Gwendoline Hampton, and Matthew Pye, were invited to a special lifting ceremony, serenaded by local choir group the Waterside Singers. The party was invited back to the exhibition to view photos and memorabilia, and sample the bridge's birthday cake, provide by the Phoenix Bakery.

Councilor Peter Farrell and resident Gwendoline Hampton in the town bridge control room.

Despite Peter being of a totally different political persuasion to myself, we have been friends for more year than I guess either of us need to remember. Ousted from his post at the last local elections, he regained his 'seat' during the current round of voting. He too has been a stalwart in his dedication to the town of Weymouth and the local area in general, so forgetting red's and blue's it's good to see you back in your rightful place Peter.

Denizens of the Deep

Part I

These extraordinary photographs (if to be believed) were sent to me by John Down, friend and fellow birder, of a catch off Portland Bill. This sea area is renowned for its monster Bass which are veracious feeders and powerful fighting fish, not to mention excellent eating. I guess this one to be in the 8 to 10 pound category, with what looks like a Ballan Wrasse about half its own size. For me the Wrasse is the least palatable of local edible fish, not being unpleasant to the taste but so full of bones it's an evolution to get round them. As for the Bass, I can only say to the lucky (or skillful) angler bon appetit!

If the Bass were swallowing the Wrasse, how then would it have been hooked with its mouth full? Yes, there is the option of 'foul hooking' but

knowing the spinney make up of the Ballan Wrasse it is thought impossible the bass would be able to regurgitate it. Nonetheless, makes for an amusing couple of pictures - Thanks John!

Part II

Not quite so deep this time, as the creature concerned is the now world famous 'Paul the Psychic Octopus. Considered, incorrectly, by all to be German, Paul has offered 2 boxes filled with food, one marked with the German flag and the other the flag of the opposition nation they were about to play. Which ever tit-bit he chooses has, on every occasion, proved to be the winning side, even Germany's demise at the hands of Spain. However, us ultra-proud Weymouthians are quick to point out that the Octopus was in fact born at the Sea Life Center here in 'sunny' Weymouth where he lived until he was 2 years old. His life expectancy wasn't thought to extend much further than that, and a suggestion of turning him to Calamari was muted and that is where the Germans took over. He is now at the ripe old age of 9, still going strong and thought to be in good health. Oh, and not to mention making his owners a pocket full of Deutschmarks (more correctly Euros), so put away the 'deep fat frier' at least for now!

Paul seen here putting the wind up the Argentinians.

and finally on the subject of football, we congratulate both the Netherlands and Spain in a well won and well deserved place in the final of the Football World Cup. At the moment, the score stands at Holland 100 and Spain 11, but our Spanish readers will be pleased to know that is only the 'Readership Statistics' of this Blog. Someone out there has certainly been putting the word around for which I thank one and all - KEEP SPREADING THE WORD - Thanks Again!

I wish both teams, and Nations GOOD LUCK and may the best one win.

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