Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kama Chameleon - Culture Club

The 50 minute flight from Mahajanga to Tana was comfortable and punctual but there was little time to delay in capital so with a new driver and bus we headed straight way to Perinet and the Mantadia National Park and Rain Forest. On the way there was time to do a little 'birding' with a couple of 'ticks' coming my way as we were able to photograph Hammercop at fairly close range and as we walked a river bridge Bill Plumb picked out a Madagascar Pratincole about half a mile away. A 'breeding endemic' in Madagascar, these birds return to mainland Africa, usually north of Mombasa, Kenya, to spend the winter. Although this single was perched for much of the time it did take to the air for several minutes as well.

The strange looking Hammerkop

Hammerkop's Nest made of any old rubbish they can find by the wayside, Coke Cans, bottles, newspapers etc.

Madagascar Pratincole

distant but discernible.

Arriving mid-afternoon at the splendid Vakona Forest Lodge, arguably the best of so many fine hostelries, centered in the middle of a small man-made lake and birds singing from every tree, there was still daylight enough to spend in the forest.

Indri, the only Lemur not to have a tail and their location calls, which can be heard at 2 miles distance, are one of the haunting sounds of the jungle!

Short-horned Chameleon (young male)

Leach, most of the group have had one attached but so far I've been lucky.

Forest Frog and

from another angle.

Diadem Sifaka

Certainly one of the favourite Lemurs.

Unfortunately, the Internet connection has beaten me again, lucky to get this post away at all! Plan is to spend a few hours at the Orchid Hotel in Tana tomorrow so hope to get more photographs uploaded including the intended Chameleons. See you then!

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