Friday, 7 January 2011

Short Today, But Sweet

Seems I got the timing dead right today as the weather was appalling and all there was to do was transit from Blakeney to Emsworth, Hants. It might be as well because it would have been a day in the garden shed if not, with overcast sky and intermittent light rain soon developing into heavy continuous. There was a plan to call into Welney National Wildfowl Trust, which came to fruition but without seeing a duck, so what chance Tree Sparrow at the RSPB Great Ouse Reserve - NIL. Anyhow, I've made my destination and my Winger is, as we speak, busily browsing the net for prospective bird highlights for tomorrow.

At home with the Liftons, who send their Best Wishes to all!

In the Royal Navy, or at sea in general, a Winger is a young crew member who you 'take under your wing', show the ropes, point in the right direction etc and that was what I dubbed Paul Lifton when we first met at the Merchant Navy College, Greenhythe, Kent in 1978. He was doing his Master's (Ships Captain) course and I, already qualified, Electronic Navigational Aids and I can tell you, that ably assisted by up and coming Mate Malcolm Trent, we had some wild runs ashore. Tess, Paul's wife was not impressed with the stories and had almost made her mind up that she wouldn't like me, but quite to the contrary we three hit it off like a house on fire and we have remained firm friends ever since.

Then to the garage to look at the Winger's pride and joy, his A/C Cobra

including the engine before

he took me for a short spin, with the emphasis on short. Not allowed to be touched by the elements we spun all the way to the garden gate before stowing it back in the heated, dehumidified and goodness knows what else garage.

and just as despair was setting in at not having had a 'tick' today, the Lifton's stuck a few pellets in the garden and attracted this little beauty.


Only a short post today, but if weather allows Paul and I will be on the trail of a few birds first light tomorrow.

and finally, a HUGE welcome to the people of ALBANIA who have joined the legion of Bagsy Blog Readers. Thank you for looking in and please pass the link on to family and friends.

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