Friday, 14 January 2011

You Never Get Them All!

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The only thing we really didn't want to see at 04-00 this morning was 'fog', but before we reached the end of Dorchester Road visibility was down to 500 yards. Joy is off on a late winter break to Tenerife and what sort of neighbour would not drive her to Bristol Airport? There was however a small incentive, a couple or three bird species to add to the Year List on the way home.

The deed was completed before 06-00, so with Joy safely tucked up in the Airport coffee bar, I was off to Broadsands, Devon. Historically the car park there has been an almost guaranteed site for seeing them but numbers do seem to have dwindled over the years. On arrival the bait (seeds) was laid and there was already some feeding action from a

Robin, then

a male and

female Reed Bunting, however what

Cirl Buntings there were stayed pretty much concealed in the bushes. These photos are from a past visit of a female and

a male. Today's findings, after an hour, were of just a single male and c2 females, it is hoped I overlooked the others?

Over the last 2 days, Waxwings have been reported from behind the Cloakham Lawns Sports Hall in Axminster no more than a couple of miles detour on my way home. Another hour was spent looking for these but without result so I made for Maiden Castle in hope of a Corn Bunting. All I got was 'a hope' but there were several hundred (maybe thousands) of Starling, a few Golden Plover and good numbers of Lapwing still which are always good to see.

During the day I received a couple of messages alerting me to a Slaty-backed Gull that had been found in Kent earlier today. I have seen this excellent medium size Gull in both Japan and South Korea, but to see one in Great Britain would be a trophy indeed, and have included a few photographs of these here.

Slaty-backed Gull

all images taken in northern Japan in 2007.

Here seen, top right, with Glaucous Gull left and Glaucous-winged Gull lower.

and finally a head detail.

The GB Year List now stands at - 152

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