Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Communication Breakdown

A problem with my laptop is preventing me from publishing all today's activities. Despite yet another dreary looking day the weather was still and mild making for a pleasant wander around the borough. In the cemetery the afore mentioned fruit tree is still attracting northern Thrushes hosting c5 Redwings while elsewhere Goldcrest (singing), Greenfinch and plenty of Wood Pigeon were also present. Over at Radipole there was a Bittern on the wing briefly, c18 Common Snipe, half a dozen Lesser Black-backed Gulls and a mardy Warden who having 'LOST' our recent disagreement couldn't even be man enough to return my 'Good Morning' greeting. Oh don't you just wish you could have had this kind of invertebrate on a ship with you?

Anyway, that aside Portland was no more productive bird wise but given the beautiful weather and surroundings this obliging

Skylark was worth the walk alone.

c6 Long-tailed Tits were seen at Southwell and my second vocal 'migrant',

a Chiffchaff, was seen in the Obs garden. This, coupled with c2 Bumble Bees collecting pollen from the Winter Flowering Honeysuckle made the morning very spring like.

Fast forward to returning to Weymouth, I met up with Sheila Edwards and our two friends Carly and Teah and enjoyed a couple of drinks together in The Swan. I also met up with

Recording Artist Danny Adams who, as luck might have it, could well be in the USA later in the year, the same time as my visit. I'm hoping to have the snags sorted by tomorrow, when I'll talk to you again! CHEERS!

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