Friday, 18 February 2011

Edith Florence Penny 1916 - 2011

What a day! We said goodbye to our dear friend, neighbour and incredible 'human being' Edith Penny. We, that is Joy and I, have been her friend for the past 16 years and both reminisce about our visits to her house where, despite her years, the conversation was volatile. Lashings of tea and the odd tot of whisky, Edith and I spent a good deal of time reminiscing over past year, particularly as her niece, Stella, lived only 2 doors away when I was nought but a lad. She will be missed, but not mourned as a special personality and as her grand-daughter gave birth to her first Great Grandson Josh just before she passed away, there is another generation who will remember her. I look upon Josh as her 'relief''!

Otherwise, I once again have to rely on the archives for any semblance of interest, and thought a few mammals that have come into camera range during my travels should do the trick!

Leopard, Sri Lanka

Marmot, Spain

Black-necked Hare, Sri Lanka

Coyote, United States of America

Asian Jackal, India

Coati, Costa Rica

Moroccan Squirrel

Humpbacked Whale, Antarctica

Grizzly Bear, Canada

Three-toed Sloth, Panama

Vervet Monkey, The Gambia

Asian Elephant, Sri Lanka

and finally, while a myth exists that each generation has it easier than the one before, it was interesting to view the shenanigans of the crew of HMS Manchester on the TV last night. Deployed on a 3 month operation which took the crew away from friends and family, I can only observe that their predecessors spent that amount of time on a single wave. When it came down to the Nyrex (de-salination plant) crapping out, I had to feel so sorry for the 'giant matelot ' (6 feet & 7 inches) who had to take what he described as a 'Submariners Shower' due to a surfeit of fresh water. Yes, things have changed (thankfully) since my departure in 1970, but surely the expression 'Submariners Shower' is a contradiction of terms? During my brief 6 years in the service, I never clapped eyes on a shower, except at Base, and my personal record for going unwashed was 32 days. During which time, each member of the crew was allowed a 'bird bath' (sink only) once a week, and face and hands, plus teeth, once a day, and no change of clothing throughout the trip. Woe betide he who decided a splash of Phoo Phoo (after-shave lotion) might enhance his standing! Which neatly brings me on to the 'Brum Franks Famine Cruise', but that will have to wait for another day.

Enjoy it! It's later than you think!

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