Friday, 11 February 2011

Starting With The 'Rogues Gallery'

Late yesterday afternoon Jim the Medic and I enjoyed a few pints, and the company of a number of mates, in The Swan pub in Weymouth.

When we returned home Jim decided to cook a Thai meal for which you might think I was grateful. I would have been had the 'bomb damage' been a little less severe, but had to ask myself how anyone could make such a mess in such a small space?

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to show off my new T-shirt, bought for me as a Christmas present by daughter Julie, son 'out' law and grandson Lee. As we are going out with them this evening I'll be wearing it again.

Despite the mess to food was excellent

and with a couple of Tiger and Singha beers and a bottle of McGuigans (blend) red it was perfect - Thanks Jim!

Today was a chance to show Jim some of the Dorset countryside, and as he has a keen interest in birds the hope of a couple of rare American vagrants - fingers crossed.

At our first stop we were greeted by the call of a Nuthatch and an array of spring flowers already starting to bloom. These Daffodils still have a little way to go,

while the Snowdrops were well open.

Moreton Manor House in, not surprisingly, the village of Moreton about 10 miles east of Weymouth.

The cottage next door.

and this bridge crossing the River Frome close by was a new sighting for me, I cannot remember seeing it before?

Jim taking a closer look at Lawrence of Arabia

TE Lawrence 1888 - 1935. We did visit the church here as well but having failed to take the small camera I was unable to bring you pictures of the unique windows etched by Laurence Whistler. I'll try to locate some for tomorrows post.

Long-billed Dowitcher showing very well again in Poole Park. Other Waders there included

Black-tailed Godwit


and Redshank

Jim claps eyes on the 'first winter' Ring-billed Gull another visitor from America.

and sides (Port)

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