Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another Good Day In The Field, and Elsewhere

Despite the wind having backed into the north east, it was a little less chilly this morning but it was altogether more blustery. It may well have been the strength of the wind that laid most of the bird life low, with barely a tweet coming from the cemetery and even the Gulls had completely abandoned the north end of the lake at Radipole.

Not so the car park further on, as I found this still maturing Great Black-backed Gull among the small flock of Black-headed Gulls, but there was nothing more to keep me here.

With the blow directly in my face the walk to Lodmoor was bit of a struggle, but as it turned out well worth every pace. This extremely striking Lesser Black-backed Gull, appearing 'all legs' was just the start, as meeting up with Daragh he whetted my apatite with the prospect of

Little Ringed Plover which, according to his account of things, were found by fellow birders Niel and Christine Arnold yesterday. There were in fact c2, my first of the year, while only a few feet away a Water Pipit, still in winter plumage, was an addition to the Dorset annual total. c2 Marsh Harriers were also seen, and as if to try and keep some symmetry

c2 Spoonbills were also there. Before leaving the Moor c3 Bearded Tits and a single Common Buzzard were recorded while this

lone Moorhen made for a decent picture.

At Portland Bill there were even leaner pickings, and while the Hoopoe of recent days was still there it didn't come into my view. There were however c2 Goldcrest in the Obs garden as was this Bumble Bee.

Returning to Radipole in the hope of a Sand Martin it was a case of photographing anything that presented a decent image. This bathing Coot was fair game

as a male and
female Gadwall past by within 'clicking distance'. Another female Marsh Harrier was quartering the reeds in the vicinity of North Hide,

and this Black-headed Gull, swooping for bread was also worthy of a shot, as was

a far more obliging Small Tortoiseshell than the one yesterday.

From here I headed for the Weymouth Pavilion where there was an exhibition and explanation of the proposed 'wind farm' intended for an off-shore site between Purbeck and the Isle of Wight.

Check SpellingOn the way the Police helicopter was seen in action, apparently monitoring an accident somewhere in the town, and at the event also had a long overdue meeting with a lady I met on the beach at Swanage 2 years ago. Annie and I enjoying a nice cup of tea and an all too short chat, but it was great to see you again nonetheless!

The 'GB Year List now stands at 189


  1. Yes Allen thanks for that. I used to be GAY before the HOMOSEXUALS robbed us of that fabulous word, but no disrespect whatever gender.