Monday, 7 March 2011

What A Day For A Daydream - Lovin' Spoonful

After yet another great evening followed by an early morning walk to photograph Black Wheatear; I have come to the realisation that given enough time I could get really fed up with this series of parties, classic birding, fine food and wine, great company etc, etc. For now I will have to grit my teeth and follow on for yet another adventure, starting with this

Grasshopper? just outside John & Marion's front door. From here we headed for the market at Ayora which was by and large clothing and nicknacks, not at all my bag, but followed by a visit to

This establishment has its foundations in Rock 'n' Roll and it wasn't long before

we, along with friend Barrie, settled down to a couple of drinks and a track or two of serious Boogie! We were met by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers classic American Girl, followed by The Who, Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Kinks, Floyd et al, accompanied by chicken neck and prawns, curried chicken, chorizo & cheese and lashings of wine - yum, yum.
We were amazed by photographs of such legends as (my all-time hero) Jimi Hendrix and the Experience,

while our most knowledgable host (born after his time) Pablo looked after us in traditional Spanish fashion.

Also on the walls were Led Zeppelin in full swing, my guess is that this photograph was taken about 1970, but couldn't venture as to which number they are doing!

After we took a look around and at the centre piece of Ayora town before heading for the Campo,

an area of agricultural land between Ayora and Teresa de Cofrentes. Here we found a goat / sheep herder plus Reed Bunting, an addition to the trip list, as was

Corn Bunting at close quarters. With confirmation of Collared Dove earlier in the day, this brought the Trip Total to 49. My 1976 edition of Heinzel, Fitter & Parslow describes this Dove as absent from the Iberian Penninsular, but over the passage of time it would seem, like Great Britain, they have colonised!

Further along we came across this home, complete with miniature windmill, and by 16-00 we were at Steve and Linda's for tapas and just a thimble full of wine. More of that tomorrow if I get up, good night, hic!

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