Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Short But Sweet

Joe Robertson, Moi + Malcolm Brand

It was considered the King Eider of yesterday was a fitting and perfect finalé to our adventure, but unbeknown to us there was more to come. Having returned the hire car we then decamped to the Speedbird Inn at Dyce (Aberdeen) Airport, which was where I would stay the nights prior to going off-shore. Mid-evening Dave and I went to the bar for what was to be a quiet pint, but then met 2 of my mates from the Buchan Alpha. Malcolm Brand, Joe Robertson and I were in the same shift together and as we all flew south on the same crew change we got to know each other very well, unlike those who simply went in other directions not enjoying a beer or two as we did.

It was a real pleasure to see you both again Malcolm and Joe - take care off-shore!

and as today has been taken up by travel a few photos from the archive to fill in until tomorrow when, it may surprise you to know I plan to go 'birding' hopefully to get species number 220 on the Year List. 'Till then keep reading! CHEERS.

To late for photos, and as Lorne and Sheila have left me a few cans of cider I'll drink a couple of them and talk to you again tomorrow - Asta la Vista!

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