Monday, 30 May 2011

I Can Show You, I Can Show You, Some of the People in My Life - Genesis

Don't tread on snails, don't climb in trees
Love Cliff Richard but 'Please Don't Tease'
'Cus it's never too late to change your mind
God gave Rock 'n' Roll to you, he gave Rock 'n' Roll to you
Put it in the soul of everyone!

The proceedings were started by young, up and coming muso's The Resistance with some memorable Flying V tickling.

Sound check for 'Freezer'.

The best performance ever from Pete Smith, Dave Phillips, Chris Whiteside and Paul Sundt collectively known as Freezer. Paul, who has recently completed his studies at the Guitar Academy, now commands a much fuller, vibrant sound, PS it's just coming up 5 years since you played at my 60th birthday - where did that go?

Music Producer Danny Adams and the 'Man in Black' (aka Johnny Cash)

Well done Jim (Fegan) for keeping us topped up with beer and crisps!

The Beautiful People, the Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson

Young Girl (get out of my life) -Gary Puckett & the Union Gap

The personnel noted below plus Producer Danny Adams (right).

Chris Whiteside drums, Jon Storey, lead guitar an incredibly Good Looking Dude air guitar and Peter Smith rhythm guitar, Rock 'n' Roll Animals all.

The Shakespearos Punk & Metal at its best.

TV actor and stuntman Dean Martin, guitarist Jon Storey, Sally Marsden Jon's partner, Jade Pearce Sally's daughter and Vinny the Chips missus Lou Johnson (blond at the back).

The Band of Gypsies - Jimi Hendrix

Resting Axe

Sound check before

Jon Storey embarks on a solo tribute to

legendary 'axe-man' Gary Moore. I've known Jon for over 30 years

and never has it been my pleasure to hear him play so well! Just what a Gibson Les Paul is crafted to do.

Mr Music Peter Smith, Jon Storey, guitarist Fraser Clubb and Fraser's Dad.

The Crowd Gather

Jude Perry landlady of Weymouth's best music pub Finn's and my mate!

Tom Hughes celebrated keyboard player with Gothic Chicken and later in this post with The Amy Mayes Band.


from Twickenham, London Four Wheel Drive - WOW!

The other half of my 'Mutual Appreciation Society' Ian Jenkins & partner Rey

The Amy Mayes Band brought proceedings to an end, and it was my plan to give 'Day Two' a miss. However, the excitement this day produced will be well worth a second go today. That's if the rain stops.

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