Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Final Countdown - Europe

With just 10 short days to go before flying to Los Angeles, I have now started the countdown. Most things are in place, so the remaining evenings will be spent swatting up on what might be seen en-route then in the final 10 minutes throw a few things into the backpack and go. Flicking through the photographs from my last trip along the Alaska Highway in 2007, it was thought these may stimulate the reader into tuning in for the full trip. It would of course be most appreciated if ALL our readers, regardless of country, passed on the Blog Link to friends and family to share a FREE adventure.

Tufted Puffin

Dall's Sheep

Fin Whale


It was a strange start to the day weather wise, with the sky half covered, the wind speed a little reduced but an altogether colder feel all round.

At Radipole it was seen just how reduced the visibility was with the whole area shrouded in quite dense mist, with the Visitor's Centre (centre) barely visible just across the lake.

Looking to the north things were just the same with the Ridgeway Hills, only a couple of miles away, completely obscured.

With only this Moorhen to delay proceedings, it was straight to Ferrybridge where there was no more of interest besides 2 Shelduck and a single Grey Heron. To be fair, there were quite a few small Waders but all beyond the Little Tern colony and beyond ID range for me.

3 Yellow Wagtails did fly overhead 'calling' as I wandered across the Top Fields towards the Bill, but all else was this fine looking male Stonechat,

while at the Bird Observatory this Muslin Moth caught my attention just before only the second bird of the day was taken from one of the nets.

Some might say, 'only' a Chiffchaff but to me any bird seen 'in the hand' is a privilege and even more so as this may well be

the last bird I see, this end of the year, held by Professor Peter Morgan. He and Rosie return to Wales tomorrow and it could be that I'll be there to wish then goodbye, but if not, "bon voyage" both.

With only a Great Northern Diver and a Peregrine to stimulate the avian interest, attention was turned to what is probably the largest sailing vessel I've ever seen at sea. The Sea Cloud registered in Malta is a Sail-Cruiser and is heading for Weymouth, but by the look of her size I doubt she will get alongside there?

On the way home I encountered another 2 Yellow Wagtail this time far more obliging than the previous 3, settled in a horse paddock and seemingly unaware of my presence.

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