Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Joy, Joy, Joy - The Housemartins

With the towering cumulus cloud still hugging the Ridgeway Hills and the sky completely covered, there was more of a chill to the day but none of this deterred the sea-watchers. Jo and I headed straight for the Obelisk at Portland Bill where the news was not good with little more than a couple of Puffins seen thus far.

A search for the Purple Sandpiper of yesterday also drew a blank so in desperation turned the camera on a Great Black-backed Gull and a

Herring Gull both feeding on the remains of a small Spider Crab.

My mate and Charter Skipper Richard English in 'Loan Shark III' broke the tedium for a while as he ploughed his way round the Bill to the West Side of the Island.

A short return to the Observatory for me, via the Common with the Borage in full bloom with a backdrop of Fishing Huts, met with the news that a female Golden Oriel had been seen at Barleycrates Lane. Calling Jo on the 2 way radio, we were soon driving to that location but after a hour long search we met with another disappointment.

Jo returned to the sea while my vigil was rewarded by this Squab (young Wood Pigeon) which only just have fledged.

With a bill shape like this the reader could be forgiven for thinking it might be a Dodo! I doubt the British Birds Rarities Committee would be convinced though.

While the majority probably don't want to see rain, the fact is we need some as do these

House Martins who are reaping the benefits of the few showers we've had lately. It was thought

this series of photos of them busily building their nests would be of interest.

With Jo having already added Manx Shearwater to her Year List there was a chance to add another on our way home in the Top Fields

where 2 Spotted Flycatchers

had been reported to us, and finally

a Fox Moth which unfortunately was handed in dead.

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