Thursday, 16 June 2011

Return to Stanley Park

A peninsula jutting out from Vancouver city proper was assigned a 'wildlife reserve' in the late 1800's by Lord Stanley with a law that it should never be desecrated. It is still not known if it is the school holidays here, but there are a large number of people enjoying the area among them many cyclists, roller skaters etc but the place is immaculately clean. So, far I have met one couple from Basingstoke Geoff & Chris who are not 'birders' but are obviously enjoying all they see, and a 'twitcher' from Manchester.

There was a real sense of carnival as I walked through part of the city, as today is cup final day. Vancouver play Boston in the last of a 7 game series, this match deciding who wins the Stanley Cup and as this city could easily have been call Stanley (for obvious reasons) it is impossible for the Canucks to consider defeat. It's now in the 'lap of the Gods', so let battle commence!

A few traditional Totems are scattered around the park,

and everywhere you go there are signs backing the Canucks, the Vancouver Ice Hockey team who play Boston Massachusetts in a couple of days to decide the 'Cup Final'.

Harry Winston Jerome

Canadian Sporting Legend

A most obliging Northern Rough-winged Swallow

A difficult area the 'Flycatchers' hereabouts, but this is thought to be Western Wood-Peewee.

Pretty, Pleasing Blooms.

Look closely, can you see it yet? Brown Creeper high on the trunk of a Redwood.

Cooper's Hawk (have always had difficulty seeing the difference between this and Sharp-shined Hawk, but told by local 'birders' that Cooper's is much more likely I've settled for that).

Another one for the Lighthouse People.

Double-crested Cormorant

Something of the Pea Family me thinks.

"Big wheels keep on turning, Proud Mary keeps on burning, Rollin', Rollin' Rollin' on a river" - Creedance Clearwater Revival. No idea what the pyramids of 'yellow stuff' are but it sure as hell ain't Saffron!

It could be some sort of by-product of timber as this Lauritzen Bulker was loading a cargo of wood chips.

Loads of these Berries throughout the woodland but not tempted to try.

Whereas last time we were here there were 'many' Racoon's, this time over 2 days I have seen just this single.

Maybe these are the 'real McCoy', as they were easily spooked, looked good and at least we are in Canada (Goose).

Great Blue Heron

lands right in front of me!

Pelagic Cormorant

Thought this a neat idea, distance markers around the sea-wall.

Bridge over the inlet.

A real bonus as far as I'm concerned, 2 Japanese Warships

entering harbour.

Glaucous-winged Gulls in large numbers here

with a ready supply of

Starfish to keep them going.

It's likely I'll be moving on tonight, if I do it'll be Prince George next and probably down to the coast and open sea at Prince William thereafter. Talk then!

and finally, while it is great to get away from familiar surroundings for a while, meeting new people, enjoying another slant on wildlife, it is also excellent to receive the odd message from friends and family. This E-mail from 'avid reader' and my mate Johnny Read just had me wetting myself so felt it should be passed on to you, hopefully to enjoy:-

Cap'n Bagsy,

As an avid reader of the Blog, I must say you are getting up my nose a bit. Swanning all over the world, living the life of Riley, nearly always to be seen in the company of several young ladies with tiny T shirts and big knockers. Now I open my copy of the Dorset Magazine and there you are grinning at me like a Cheshire cat. Why can't you just get married and be bloody miserable like the rest of us ?

Have a great trip.

Johnny Read.

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