Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Tijuana Taxi - Herb Alpert

Yes thank you, I did get some sleep in Honolulu Airport last night but would far have prefered to have been on the flight back to Los Angeles. Due to a mix-up I was left stranded but the ground staff could not have been kinder or more efficient and apart from being treated very well, getting the Emergency Exit seat (more leg room without paying which is the norm these days) I gained a few more readers of the Blog. Under other circumstances I would now be about 20 hours behind schedule, but as there is no shedual nothing lost. Ironically, I had no sooner put the 'pen' down from answering some E-mails stating what a GREAT time I'm having than the minor hiccup manifested itself. In addition I couldn't 'log on' even though there was 'paid access' throughout the airport, but on the upside there are about 100 photos of the 'Check in' area and Departure Lounge for you to look forwarde to at a later date.

A brief note on my stay in Hawaii, The Aloha State (the word being a greeting as well as a farewell), to start with, is a 'must do' destination. The people here are mostly responsible for this as just about everyone I've met were welcoming, kind, courteous andhelpful. Within the city everything is geared up for the 'beach' type tourist, and further afield there is much to see and enjoy. While an extremely 'long haul' from UK by and large prices are reasonable especially the bus service. It works like this, starting with the purchase of a $2.50 (£1.70) ticket which will take you to any destination on the Island, from there you are issued a Transfer ticket that will get you to your next stop.

Shopping, for those that way inclined, includes all the 'top brand' names right down to the local 'beach craftsmen'. The whole place feels safe, and while there are quite a few homeless people I heard no reports of any attacks or crime of any description.
Get out there - ALOHA!

The shuttle bus journey from the airport to within 2 miles of the, so called Central, Greyhound Station was efficient and cheap at just $1.50 for over half an hour ride, but the walk through one of the Gheto areas of the city was a little harrowing. I was not approached in any way, with the exception of 2 young men asking if I had any change, and after the 'Hobson's Choice' McDonald's the coach left for Tijuana just 4 hours away. There was no delay at the border, as the guard simply cleared the bus of passengers and luggage, invited each of us to press a button (exactly the same as if you were looking for the traffic lights to change) and everyone getting a 'green' response we were free to leave, and we were in

Mexico (check out the map, link below)


I discovered from one of my fellow passengers that this service only went to the Tijuana Airport, but the driver was willing to take me to the Bus Station for $5 which, even if it was a ruse it was worth every cent! A connection arrived in Enstancia at 03:00 being too late to invest in a hotel as daylight was due around 5ish. George Gomez the night security guard and ticket collector was helpfulness itself and soon got me coffee, change for the gents, so I could spruce up, and started to tell me where I might see Yellow-footed Gull, the whole point of this jaunt down to Baja California. The sun rose at the predicted hour and I felt sure that the large Gulls with black backs were the target species, but confirmation would have to wait for more light.

I set off at 6am to fond the beach which was about a mile away, but Gull wise all I saw was overflying Western Gull. There was a huge bonus 'lifer' as a Red-headed Parrot flew out of a local garden, every little helps.

A pair of Black Phoebe were excitedly searching for food as I arrived at the harboureside to find

2 juvenile Herrman's Gulls just floating around before taking off and disappearing.

Another new Gull added to the photo file if nothing else.

Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown Pelican

A group of 33

Marbled Godwit

Hudsonian Whimbrel and what looked very bit like Long-billed Curlew which is another 'Lifer'.

Laughing Dove

Night Heron

Western Gull

A Sand Dollar (beautiful things I think) adorned by a small Pink Barnacle.

Long-tailed Grackle

Snowy Egret very effectively 'fly fishing.

That is to say it would spot these what look like Blenny then fly and strike. I saw it catch 3 with this metod in the short time I stoon there.

A dose of Crabs never hurt anyone, so here for you delictation are a prile of the little rascals.

Barnacles novelly using small Mussles as a support.

A bunch of Daisy like flowers.

Northern Mockingbird

Greater Road Runner have to say this has been one of the birds of my dreams, despite being a 'common' species. Maybe it's the bizzarre appearance and the fact that I've 'dipped' on it every time if been this side of the Pond.

Painted Lady

American Kestrel

A Ground Squirrel jype

Cassin's Kingbird which appears to have the required 'brown tail', dark upper colouration and and a white throat, the location also fits.

and finally, as I drew a total blank on the Yellow-footed Gull I'm going to continue the search at San Fillipi about 3 hours by coach further down the coast. That is if the service is on, they are going to make a dicission at 15:30??

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