Friday, 3 June 2011

Walking in Waikiki

Far more appropriate to 'fly' the Hawaiian flag today as I have now at least stepped foot on two islands. Not surprisingly, this has been the biggest 'tick' of the day as it add it to the US list as the 48th state that I have visited.

An ancient Dakota parked at LAX Airport before we left did at least stay still long enough to photograph, but not so 3 American Crows, a single Snowy Egret and 9 Western Gulls.The day in general has again been one of lengthy travel, but the flight from LA across 2,500 miles of the Pacific Ocean was on time (09:20 local) and without incident. All of interest were the many and varied 'cloud formations' (several I could not put a name to) enough to satisfy even the most dedicated nephologist. Our first stop after 5 and a half hours in flight was Kahului on the small island of Maui we we spent a full 2 hours and I was able to get out and search among the small stands of trees and bushes.

As if I needed to travel this far, first up was a small colony of House Sparrows

followed by another species introduced to the Islands, a Common Myna is an Asian bird.

The wind continued to blow at a steady 30 knots as shown by the palm trees,

but these way-side bushes seemed little effected by this.

rushing to investigate the fluid cheeping from the balcony at the Waikiki Miramar Hotel, I found

these 2 male House Finch

plus a female House Finch with the 'old man' keeping a careful eye.

With only time for a short walk around one of several parks there was this Zebra Dove,

plus this 'Grosbeak' looking to me like Black-headed but I'll need some help.

Finally, ther were a few Spotted Dove that is if you

don't count this street performer with 2 Macaws.

This brings the Trip Bird Total to - 12 as there is also a Grackle that at the moment remains unidentified. Let's hope the weather holds for tomorrow

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