Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Birds, Butterflies, Boats & Bugs

Another day, dogged by weather, I hurried through both the cemetery and Radipole from where there was little to report and headed to Portland. Approaching the Island, the leaden sky gave way to short periods of sunshine and gradually as the day progressed more blue showed through. For an early arrival, hopefully to see the less common Gulls that were sighted on the Bill Common yesterday, I resorted to 'paying' for a bus but neither the Yellow-legged of either of the Lesser Black-backed were seen. However, there is always something to see and the photographs that follow are evidence of that!


and front. This bird was, unusually, perched at the very top of the cliff at East Cliff, Portland.

BoldSmall Elephant Hawk-moth & Common Footman

Linnet one of several dozen at the 'Bill' today.

This Bee seems to be either Bombus lapidarius or Psithyrus vestalis?

Grey Seal, looks very much like the individual that has frequented the area, from time to time, over a number of years now.

With the matt nature of this Longhorn Beetle, it's thought to be Agapanthea villosoviridescens? It is also covered in pollen.

Small Skipper Butterfly

The 'Light Aircraft Carrier' HMS Illustrious one of 3 Warships in the Portland Sea Area today.

Meadow Pipit

A 'Container Vessel' heads up Channel.

Dusky Sallow Moth

Garden Warbler one of this years product, seemingly beating a hasty retreat.

Common Mallow

HMS Westminster the second of the 3 'war canoes' in the area.

Align CentreGatekeeper Butterfly

The Moths and Garden Warbler were all caught at the Portland Bird Observatory.

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