Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Cook's Tour of Fairbanks

After a much needed and good nights sleep, the hospitality at the Scott household continued as Lani went to the store to collect breakfast, but the bad news was the heavy rain hadn't abated at all. With the conditions as they were Carol suggested a visit to the University Museum, but before that we went for a quick look at Creamers Field a local birding hot-spot.

The new and magnificent 'Visitor Center' at Creamer's Field
ably manned by my 2 advisers Katherine and Emily

There follows a few images of the exhibits:-

Later in the day we did go to the museum even if it was to get out of the persistent heavy showers.

Walrus Tusk Scrimshaw & Carvings.

The much hoped for Red-legged Kittiwake later on this trip.

Woolly Mammoth remains

Striking it rich in the Klondike

Some rather strange local art.

Sandhill Crane, the rufous colour of the plumage is not natural, but caused by mud and water transported to the feathers during years of preening.

After the museum we returned home to collect David, Lani and Ruby who took me to the Airport, or more particularly the Sea-Plane 'take-off / landing zone' where we found a few birds.

Spotted Sandpiper favouring the tail-plane of a Sea-Plane as a perch.

Spotted Sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper chick.

Semi-palmated Plover

American Robin nest building.

Least Sandpiper

Air Alaska aircraft landing close to the Sea-Plane take-off area.

Female American Wigeon with Young

Mew Gull in flight

Of all things, my computer is now playing up. After David spent much time on freeing up loads of memory, clogged by 10,900 photographs I had deleted but remained in the system, now I cannot access the Internet. Every effort will be made to contiue publication, but bare with us if we fall by the way-side. Thanks!

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