Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Second Coming - Stone Roses

For the second day on the trot, we welcome another new country to the readership. From Guyana of yesterday on the north coast of South America we cross the Atlantic to the Continent of Africa and welcome Malawi as the 145th country to join us. We have been a little short on African nations but that is picking up now, so we hope you will pass on the Blog Link to all your neighbours. Thank You for joining us!

The second pelagic in 3 days, and worth every cent.

Our Captain today was Sherry Cruse (who doesn't want any Tom, or Sea Cruise jokes) and her

First Mate Curren McBride.

Our first wildlife encounter soon after leaving port was with a school of Dall's Porpoise,

which stayed with us quite some time and in all there were thought to be between 10 & 15 animals seen.

Just around the first headland is Porcupine Cove, and while no one seems to have ever seen this creature here the name remains.

Just a couple of the picturesque Islands and Outcrops in the bay,

Next, in the far distant right of picture we again came to the Pederson Glacier which was good and active as well as beautiful.

Pederson Calving before the

Dall's Porpoise returned.

The first of the Auks to show themselves were Horned Puffin

While a wild Mountain Goat rested on the scree.

Three Hole Island

and I told the Skipper he should take a drop more water with it!

With penalties severe for taking more than the allowed catch of 6 Salmon, this angler returns one to the sea.

The Harbour Seals were still in their colony,

while this was the best shot and as close as we dare go to a group of Harlequin Ducks.

Both Pelagic & Double-crested Cormorant (the latter second from left and 'wings spread') have been numerous,

whileRed-faced Cormorant has been elusive to say the least. These 2 on nests were a good distance away, while the light (or lack of it) in the sea cave didn't help.

The kayaks seem to like the pack ice.

2 Steller Sea Lion

Tufted Puffin

and a Horned Puffin still nest building.

We came across several of these 'rafts' of Guillemots in total adding up to many thousands, but as we slowed to observe this one the cry went up "pick the Thick-billed out of that lot".

Not at all in keeping with my eyesight, I quickly did (bird on the left)

but as far as I know only the Captain and I saw it.

We encountered 5 Humpbacked Whales with the passengers on this boat causing quite a list to port.

At this position tucked well into the cliff were 3 smaller animals with a huge Cow, which probably produced the spectacle of my whole trip.

While what seemed to be fairly grown youngsters frolicked about, what may well have been the mother launched herself 'fully' from the sea a matter of just a few yards from the boat.

The Misty is a 43 footer and as this animal reached the horizontal, she streached almost the full length of the boat before crashing back into the water reaching us with some of the splash. What a sight, unfortunately not captured.

and as we approached harbour after another totally exirerating 9 hours, the cruise ship Bremen was leaving to continue her tour.

Once again, we had been treated with great professionalism and if you ever get to Seward strongly recommend what is advertised as 'The Captains Choice' - BRILLIANT!

The Trip List now = 172 World Lifers = 15

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