Monday, 1 August 2011

Be I Janner, Be I Buggery, I Comes up from Wareham

I got a wife and our 3 kids and she knows how to rear'em!

There was only one direction today, a one hour bus ride to the east and to meet up with my former shipmate John 'Ginger' Prince and his wife Val, for lunch and to catch up. Waiting for the

X53 bus service there is always time to watch a bit of Punch & Judy a timeless entertainment for local children, holiday makers and ME!

At Wareham there was time to photograph the Town Hall before moving on to the

Red Lion, where I have to tell you if you're in the area this is the place to eat.

We all opted for the Fish & Chips, but this was a dish cooked and presented in much more than the traditional style. There was no doubt their cellar was of the best, our Malbec being at its optimum. Deciding on a 'pudding' rather than a starter proved to be a good decision as the 'treacle tart with a hint of ginger' and a generous 'blob' of Dorset Clotted Cream was simply essence. Don't miss this. After another bottle of wine at the Prince' home. it was back on the bus for me with all those stories ringing in my ears! Thanks Ginge, Thanks Val!

Strange, Strange Sightings

Photograph, © Scott Bartecki, who sent me an image of this Blue-fin Tuna speared by his mate in Portland Harbour some days ago. The fish weighed in at 34lb 12oz (15.76Kg) and was just one of a number claimed in our sea area around the same time. This specimen was one of at least 3 when shot, there were 2 taken by gill net fishermen in Weymouth Roads and a further single claimed by a lone angler on Chesil Beach, seen to leap well clear of the water.

Bonito Sp is a family name of several species of predatory fish related to the Mackerel, from information received from Weymouth Charter Fishermen and local Anglers there were also 5 caught, again in nets, within Portland Harbour. Photograph from unknown web-site.

Then on Thursday of last week, Patsie Keen sighted a Thresher Shark close to the West Cliff, Portland. The photograph is borrowed from Wikipedia, with thanks.

and finally on Friday 29th July, a Cory's Shearwater was seen at the East Ship Channel entrance to Portland Harbour from a vessel that had been conducting a Sea Bird census. 'The' images of this scarce visitor to the Dorset Coast are available to view at, but I have been unable to contact James Phillips, the photographer, to obtain permission to publish his fine shots to a wider audience.

A little indulgence please as I revisit a part of the country made very familiar to me by my dear friend Andrew Lindsay.

He and his lady-friend were strolling there last week when she kindly took this photograph for me of Swarkestone Folly, Derbyshire. What I didn't know, and is of great interest personally being a lover of Rock 'n' Roll trivia is that this building features

as a 'sleeve backdrop' on The Rolling Stones - Beggar's Banquet album. It may be of note that the village,

or more particularly Swarkestone Bridge, was the place where Bonny Price Charlie's invasion of England was repelled sending his forces back to Scotland

Top photograph © Dawn Partridge, centre unknown source and bottom Wikipedia. Thanks all round.

and finally, the month of July 2011 now qualifies as the most prolific month for the readership since its inception over 2 years ago. There were no fewer than 7447 visitors during the month, equalling average daily visits of over 240. I'd like to thank each and every one of you, I cannot explain the great pleasure it has given me, but the 'proof of the pudding' has been your continued interest.

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