Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Home, Home Again I Like to be Here When I Can - Pink Floyd

Thursday 25th August 2011

Due to Technical Difficulties todays Post is under yesterdays date which it is hoped will be rectified tomorrow.

We were a little remiss in forgetting our 'second anniversary' of Bloging a few days ago. The photograph below was the first published since when we have gone from strength to strength getting very attached to our ever expanding readership. It would be fantastic if each of you could send this link to your friends and family. Either way we thank you ALL for your loyalty.

Wandering Albatross. You can visit all previous posts by either clicking Older Posts at the bottom of this page, selecting a particular date via the right hand margin or by using the Search Engine also on the Home Page.

Rain and even more rain over night, and it looked every bit like there was more on the way but the girls did get off shopping as the Winger and I set off yet again to do the 'men's work'.

Cetti's Warbler


Great Black-backed Gull



Great Spotted Woodpecker


Common Toadflax







Reed Bunting


In addition we saw Bullfinch, Redstart, Yellowhammer, Meadow Pipit & Nuthatch bringing our 3 days trip total to 99 and with me bringing home the Species Guess trophy I very much look forward to defending it - see you soon P & T and Thanks a Million.

I can hardly leave my dear friends without a plug for the up and coming band Escape the Race
featuring Noel Lifton (their son) on drums. Already embarked on 'live gigs' I am reliably informed that 9 tracks, along with the album sleeve design above, are in the can.

Josh, Jo, Noel and Dan seen here at the recent Freedom to Raise Consciousness Festival

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