Thursday, 18 August 2011

On The Road Again (Part II) - Canned Heat

This was the gloomy scene through the patio doors at Parley Court Farm this morning, a carbon copy of the same day last year as the Bournemouth International Air Show got underway. As we saw yesterday, the 'Red Arrow' flew in to entertain the crowds but if the foul weather continues, which it is predicted to do, there will be no flying or crowds for that matter. Good job then that a few photographs were held back from yesterday as I continued my tour of the many varied businesses that function under the umbrella of PCF.

This included the first outing of a new £250,000 Turf Harvester, driven here by the Dampney's younger son Gavin, who tells me that apart from a few software problems the Canadian built machine is a dream to operate.

Programmed to skim just the thinnest veneer from the surface, the sods are then rolled and palleted and gently lowered to the ground all in one swift movement.

Meanwhile, across the road at the Eco Recycling Works Hugh's brother Trelawney oversees what for me is the most fascinating part of this whole business empire. Here, most solid waste can, and is, found a new lease of life with demolition rubble being broken down and sorted into varying grade of reusable materials, earth and some vegetation is turned to top soil while virtually everything else ends up as compost. The most amazing equation here to me is everything arriving to be dumped is weighed and paid for, as is everything that leaves the site as a usable commodity! Thank You Very Much


A recent 'fine tuning' in the disposal of wood has found yet another profitable margin as the 'dirty' and 'clean' wood (as they are called here) goes through a sorting process. All of this timber was in the past broken down and sold as fuel to be burnt as part of power generation in Sweden, dirty wood seen above right of picture.

The 'clean', not effected by paint etc and having been sorted sorted by hand, is transported to this separate pile, dried and

turned into 'bedding material' for livestock.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Janet has also established another small business, apart from the Equestrian side of things, with the Airport Terminal less than a mile up the road,

she ferries passengers too and fro making a charge for that and car parking. If you are interested in this service, details are available at:-

Some outstanding bird sightings from the past 2 days include

a number of Reed Warblers, some still feeding young,

Great-spotted and Green Woodpeckers everywhere, my first Cetti's Warbler at this site, Grey Heron, Kingfisher, Swift, Blackcap, lots of Rooks and a lone Hobby flying south.

The Goats and Chickens are also doing well, with my final visit being to

another little sideline involving the local Model Aircraft Club, who rent areas of the turf fields to fly their planes. This I feel will have the knock on effect of increasing the readership of the Blog today as a small attendance is predicted at Bournemouth Air Show.

I have, at great expense, managed to get these exclusive shots of the 'Red Arrows B Team' going through their paces here at PCF. As the first prepares to take to the air

it is soon aloft, looping the loop etc. But wait a minute somethings wrong,

the engine has stalled and the audience watch agog hoping that the aircraft will glide to a safe landing.


The only real 'fly in the ointment' has been the arrival of 'travellers' on one of the nearby fields, which it seems was allowed by the Police who had both officers on the ground and a helicopter hovering overhead as the 'wagon train' broached the gates. I think it true to say that Hugh is fairly philosophical about this, except to say the new arrivals have 'trashed' the toilet he provided, will not use the skips on site and a deal of damage and theft has been discovered. The good news is they are reported as intending to move this Saturday to inflict their presence at the Tarrant Hinton Steam Festival.

The torrential rain has been persistent throughout the morning, but now I really must 'bite the bullet' and head for Hampshire. I hope Huck has got the Navy Rum ready!

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