Sunday, 28 August 2011

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You - Argent

Seems yesterday's schematic of the southern end of The Fleet and Chesil Beach raised much interest, resulting in a number of e-mails asking about the

Carr Memorial Stone on the ridge of the beach close to the Fleet Visitor's Centre. A plaque on the 'stone' states "One of over 30 permanent reference stations (datum) to assist in monitoring any future changes and biological properties of Chesil Bank".

Under the shadow of the Rendesvous on the Weymouth Town Bridge

the crowds gathered to witness another fantastic Weymouth Quayside Rock Festival.

A time for me at least to catch up with some of my Rock 'n' Roll mates and get some stuff on! The Loosehounds had invaded the town from Wales, unleashing their own brand of WOW!

As usual the crowd was full of familiar faces

familiar bands,

plus a few 'wicked' Axemen!

The Surfin' Birds gave us an hour of thoroughbred 50's Rock

as some of the organisers looked on.

The crowd continued to build

as more and more faces popped out of the woodwork.

Another great day, completed for me by the sensational Loosehounds circa

Jon Storey lead guitar

Mark Hayward vocals and Acoustic Guitar.

Pud, supplies Bass and Vox, while

Bruce Drummond deals with another lead guitar, and Richie Douglas issues drum / percussion extrordinary. There could well be more of this tomorrow - please keep reading!


  1. "Wicked Axeman" Paul,
    I dont think Knopfler has too much to worry about just yet.{:)

  2. Hi Roy
    Mark did text me and said he was considering retirement, Bonamassa already has - hee, hee!