Friday, 12 August 2011

Sitting In The Park - Georgie Fame

Another wander today, this time to the Estuary of the Lane Cove River but still under the Stewardship of the New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Services.

Australian Grebe

Black Swan

Red Wattlebird

Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike

Australian Pelicans

Bell Miner

Australian Painted Lady

Black-fronted Plover

Red-browed Firetail

What a magnificent creature?

Royal Spoonbill

and don't you just love this sub-adult Silver Gull? Peter Harrison, who probably knows a little more about the subject than I, describes this in his 'Seabirds' book as a 'First Winter'. Surely a bird hatched in the summer is still considered a juvenile a few months later in its first winter and a 'Second Winter' in its second 'calender year' winter. Comments via the normal channels please.

Spotted Turtle Dove

Superb Fairy-wren front,

and Female.

Here they are again, Frederick the Third

Alexander the Great

Alex eating his toys with Mum

and Fred paddling at the sea-side with Dad.

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