Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Moments That Make Up A 'Dull Day' - Pink Floyd

This was the bleak scene at Ferry Bridge mid-morning, looking back towards Weymouth.

The morning was met with heavy rain which looked unlikely to clear for quite a while, so I was force into starting to replace the sealant around my bath - now if that hasn't captured the readers imagination I don't know what will. The rain stopped coinciding nicely with the turn of the tide so made my way to the bus, via the cemetery where there had been a small 'fall' of Goldcrests, and Radipole.

Crossing Westham Bridge, the small numbers of wildfowl seemed to be congrigating close to the footpath allowing me some close shots of

Little Grebe,

the Hooded Merganser again plus

a sleeping Great Crested Grebe.

With only one hour of the Ebb gone there was still little mud to view but this juvenile Herring Gull and Mediterranean Gull made for a photo call. Dunlin and Ringed Plover were first to arrive as the water receded, closely followed by 4 Sanderling and a single Redshank.

A lone Rock Pipit alighted briefly as a slow trickle of Sand Martins flew over head and 10 Sandwich Terns arrived in dribs and drabs settling on the expossed sand to preen.

That's when today's best bird arrived

in the shape of a Red Knot which quickly disappeared onto the Bladder Wrack down by the bridge.

It took a bit of relocating to secure these shots, but in the process

3 Turnstones were also found this one seeming to be minus one leg.

That's when the rain started again making for an early retreat, maybe tomorrow will prove a little better weatherwise??

Finally, it's a pleasure to report that Spain have now reached 'treble figures' on the Stat Counter. Keep spreading the LINK please!

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