Monday, 19 September 2011

Kingfisher - Golden Earring

With total reliance on the Fungi Field Guide, Bowie & Sheila's forage at Sherford Bridge resulted in this single specimen. Bowie was initially determined to eat what is thought to be a Penny Bun

(but as with so many of these things there are similarities, the other option being Oak Bolete, but my money is on the former) but thought better of it later! Each were described in the Guide as 'delicious' - guess we'll never know.

Today started in what has become 'usual fashion', gloomy, overcast and threatening to be another bad weather day. It was certainly that on the avian front, with little to report except a Grey Wagtail overflying the cemetery, as were half a dozen Siskin.

The 2 Little Stints were still at Radipole and may have looked like this if a little closer to the lens, while migrants included a number of Chiffchaff, lots of Sand Martins, a few Meadow Pipits. All else included the Radipole 3 'specialities (Bearded Tit, Water Rail & Cetti's Warbler) plus a

Common Kingfisher - the same species as see at Radipole today, but photograph taken in the centre of Delhi, India.

It was down hill from there on with only a couple of departing Siskin at the Bill as well as a Grey Squirrel close to the Barns. As a Computer/Music Masterclass was booked for this afternoon, I hooked up with the Secret Lemonade Drinker bye-passing Ferry Bridge and heading directly home. Once there and keeping Gary topped up with coffee he set about teaching me 3 more fundamental computing techniques - that sounds good doesn't it? Well, let's hope I've learnt my lesson as immediately this is posted I'll be at it - failure not being an option. Now, where did I put Gary's telephone number?

So, as Kingfisher had entered the log today it maybe an idea to finish with a few of the family group from around the world.

Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher - Australia

Forest Kingfisher - Australia

Giant Kingfisher - Zimbabwe

Madagascar Malachite Kingfisher - as stated

Malachite Kingfisher - The Gambia

New Zealand Kingfisher - as suggested

Pied Kingfisher - Thailand

Ringed Kingfisher - Brazil

Sacred Kingfisher - Australia

Stork-billed Kingfisher - Sri Lanka


  1. As always its a pleasure to browse your blog. Its the first one I check when I get onto the computer in the evening

    I think you may have started something with your selection of Kingfishers from round the world. It's a great idea and some smashing photos too.

  2. Thanks for your kind words, it gives me a great pleasure too and considering the concept was initially for just my 2 daughters the readership has gone 'off the scale'.

    I do have some Dipper shots but being a much smaller family group not quite as eye-catching as the Kingfishers, but will see what I can do. Thanks again for taking the time for the comment!