Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Eagle Hasn't Landed - Or Has It?


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A few threatening looking clouds about first thing, which fortunately came to nought but the wind continues brisk with prolonged periods of sunshine, so quite a good day weather wise. With a Yellow-browed Warbler having been seen at Avalanche Road yesterday, it was thought best to head straight there but despite a thorough search it was not found.

Plenty of movement overhead again today with an unknown number of Siskins, lots of Alba Wagtails, Skylarks, Meadow Pipits, 13 Chiffchaff, 3 Stonechats plus a single Grey Wagtail at Barleycrates Lane alone.

Further on, at the bottom of Culverwell, the Welsh contingent of the Pembroke Ringing Group were hard at work catching good numbers of routine species but nothing of great note. Wendy, Richard & Dawn are all English despite their collective name, and are here just over the week-end helping with 'ringing' duties.

They were kind enough to let me photograph some of the catch, which was just as well considering what else was on offer.

This Blue Tit was first out of the bag and I don't know if anyone had mentioned about biting the hand that catches you!

Nonetheless, a most handsome bird easily dismissed.

Next came a Dunnock followed in quick time

by one of the most stunning little gems on the list, a Goldfinch. This I was told is a male as the red on its face extends slightly behind the eye.

This too was happy to peck its captor, but soon released back to the wild.

Otherwise, it was left to Duncan Walbridge to provide the only scarce species of my day, a Flame Brocade caught in his garden at Weston.

The PS today involves a Short-toed Eagle, reported from the River Exe in Devon. As we go to press an Eagle Species has just been reported as flying off of Portland towards Weymouth, there are now a few of us with noses pressed against bedroom windows in hope!

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