Thursday, 20 October 2011

We Are Sailing II - Rod Stewart II

More cloudy, less windy and a good deal colder it was an ideal day for walking Portland Bill, but you didn't have to be the World Speed Sailing Champion to realise no records were going to be broken today.

A quick look across Portland Harbour and it could be seen that

the 'early birds' were all but becalmed, but

after a good nights sleep in a multitude of very swish looking Mobile Homes no one had travelled all this way to be thwarted!

Already the Sail Boarders were preparing, not at all deterred by the lack of wind, as

as the multitude, mostly children, poured in from all directions

for a day on the 'High Seas'. On view were many of the weird and wonderful contraption designed specifically to break the Sailing World Record,

not least this 'vessel' which those of you who know

the Rock band Yes vocalist Jon Anderson might think this a fine blueprint for the

Moorglade Mover featured on his seminal album 'Olias of Sunhillow'. You'd also need to be Andersonesque to fit into the passenger seat!

Others include the 3 craft shown above, I could only find the 'beer bar' on 2 of them.

As already stated, the 2012 team have already been decided, but here's a tip for the 2016 or the next World Championships where, I predict, Alex Mills-Barton seen here with his Laser Class Yacht will feature prominently.

The 470 Class boats were also putting to sea,

as were the abundance of School Children setting out in Dragon Boats,


and Oil Drum Rafts
. There was even a little friendly rivalry as the Dragon Boats went into race mode,

all watched over by several Safety Boats.

With Olympic Crews already selected, Team GB are able to put their boats through their paces, under the watchful eye of King George III sat astride his charger on Osmington Hill (background).

Lasers too were catching some wind,

and some were still trying to break speed records.

I have spent most of the day with my friend Patricia Shearing from Reading on a 2 day visit, so hopefully we'll be covering some local ground together tomorrow.

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