Thursday, 17 November 2011

All Quiet on the Western (and every other) Front

Despite a decent day weather-wise, long sunny periods, little in the way of cloud and wind (in the lee of Weymouth at least) and a warm feel, it was unproductive bird-wise. The cemetery remained devoid while Radipole only came up with mostly the expected


2 x Great Spotted Woodpecker,

a few Reed Bunting,

about 2000 Wood Pigeons in

4 separate flocks of an estimated 500 each,

with at least one remaining on the ground!

with a few Bearded Tits along the Loop walk. Crossing the car park and intending to go to Portland, a message arrived to alert me to the Rosy Starling showing well at Lodmoor so it was a quick diversion.

A prolonged search there didn't turn up the bird with all else seen being

a number of Common Snipe

mostly feeding,

a fairly obliging Cormorant,

good numbers of Lapwing & Dunlin but that was just about all.

I see these jet aircraft flying in and out of Hurn (spelt correctly this time I believe) and think they are trainer aircraft. I expect there is someone out there who will let me know. Hoping for a better day tomorrow - see you then!


  1. Yes Paul, the aircraft is leased by the military, (Allegedly)
    It is used as a "Pretend" enemy to attack ships at sea and military exercises. etc etc.

  2. Ah, as the Hawker Hunter used to during my time in that game. Thanks a lot Roy and must say they look pretty sleek.

  3. Thats right Paul, Airworks Services use to maintain them and ex service Pilots flew them.
    I did get airborne from HMS Heron on several "Jollys" in the Hunter. Great fun.

  4. I know the feeling Roy, albeit a little slower. I once flew in the cockpit (if that's the correct description)of a Hurcules from Masirah Island to Salala, Oman doing a 'beat-up' landing on our return. WOW, those RAF lads know how to do it!