Thursday, 3 November 2011

Monaco Day II - A Second Look

Another look at Monaco but little else to be said, save look at the snaps.

Of Cabbages & Kings!

The Vanderbilt's popping over for lunch.

Lots of fish in the harbour.

F1 Grand Prix lovers will doubtless recognise this.

Don't worry Jenson's just popped off for a leak!

Let It Be? must belong to a Beatle!

Regardless of all the Gin Palaces, if I had the choice this would be the one for be a decent looking Work Boat.

This 'Fun Fair' did look a little out of place,

but as the name suggests

everyone seemed to be having a great deal of FUN!

Time to go back and a few more football legends.

Just taking a late night beer these Haloween revelers hove into view,

the lady being from Ecuador, we had a good old chat.

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