Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pallid Swift

The 'dew-point' was well and truly reached last night as the condensation on the windows showed. Outside the 'almost' full moon was showing well unlike Thursday, when it was at its optimum, but with no wind, some early sunshine and little cloud cover there was every chance of a good day today at least weather wise.
Within minutes of photographing the moon, the sun peaked above a misty cemetery giving an opportunity to view both celestial bodies at the same time, but unfortunately it was far too quiet on the 'birding' front with nothing to report from here or Radipole.

This magnificent bunch of Fungi, adorning someones grave, added a little interest but it was time for an early bus to Portland.

Walking the quayside of the Weymouth Inner Harbour, it suddenly dawned on me why that part of a ship is known as the Crow's Nest,

but further along my mate and Skipper of Lone Shark III, Richard English, was throwing a little jocular abuse from the wheelhouse window while waiting for the Town Bridge to open.

The flotilla of Charter Fishing Boats head into the sunrise - 'tight lines' lads!

Wandering the East Cliff at Portland there was little sign of our 'feathered friends', but you can always rely on the views to compensate for this. Looking towards The Bill.

This extremely vocal Wren proved photo-worthy, probably for artistic rather than avian merit, while all else to report on the way to the Observatory was yet another

Mushroom? and

the now becoming reliable Little Owls. Both were on display at my arrival, but seemed to take exception and soon scurried to the back of the burrow. Not a memorable morning, but hey that's birding, so to the Obs for a much needed coffee which before I had finished the Warden appeared with a bird in his hand. Even a Linnet would have been welcome at this stage of the game, but to be told it was a prospective

Pallid Swift was just about unbelievable. The usual biometric etc had to be taken,

but soon Martin re-emerged with the confirmed Pallid Swift

delicately held between his fingers and ready

to be photographed. While these procedures have to be completed without delay there was time for the 20 or so lucky enough to be here

Justify Full
to take our own shots, and while I am not totally sure of all the detail as to capture etc,

it may be that these will be forthcoming on the PBO website - PBO-Latest News.

Within a very short time, but with everyone satisfied to have been part of this unique occasion, Martin set the bird free.

With little time to process more photographs today, and a full social programme tomorrow I will endeavour to publish some more shots of this rare bird in the morning before leaving home.

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