Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Salisbury - Uriah Heep

While 'Salisbury' is far from The Heep's greatest album (try for instance Demons & Wizards or Magician's Birthday) it does hold arguable their Magnum Opus by way of the title track Salisbury (click to take a listen). I know one person at least who will not argue with this. Today, this was the Wiltshire city I was heading for, but not before a look around Radipole.

There, the lack of mud could not have been the reason for the 16 Black-tailed Godwit and over 30 Common Snipe to continue circling rather that landing,

but they continued flying for the 30 minutes or so I was there.

Along the seafront while awaiting the No184 service , there was time to view HMS Dragon, one of the Royal Navies latest Daring Class 'stealth destroyers' swinging to her pick in Weymouth Roads.

The rest of the post is very much a pictorial of the fine city of Salisbury, with just one or two comments on the way!

In every great city there is at least one great building, for Salisbury as in many, it is the Cathedral.

Confucius say "man with big bag of gold not neces-celary loose his head".

This I discovered was a work of art by sculptor Shaun Henry and is entitled 'Man With Cup'. Part of a recent exhibition at the Cathedral, it was decided to display it on one of the external plinths usually the preserve of a Saint. There was no finite time for its stay but the public seem to very much like it - I am in full agreement!

and some scenes around the city........

Ahoy there Shipmate, is that a JD Wetherspoon's over the road? I feel a Cider coming on!

I was taken by some of the Olde English Street Names hereabouts.

Finally, I would like to thank the Reverend John Travell (an apt name albeit a pun given some of the stories he was telling) for engaging me in some fine conversation, from Dorchester to destionation along with the other gentleman who was on the same service both way, for his help.

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