Sunday, 4 December 2011

In The Country - Cliff Richard & the Shadows

As far as birds go today has been in sharp contrast to yesterday's 2 rarities, but nonetheless enjoyable. The weather did remain the same with a day of overcast sky, little or no wind and still that mild feel despite the lateness of the month.

It was a visit to Hampshire and to the splendid

which were formally gravel pits now turned over to nature and seemingly very well managed.

Likely due to the unseasonable weather, many of the birds that gather here at this time of year such as Brambling, Redpoll etc seem not to have arrived yet, but as if in contradiction there were a good number of Redwing and Fieldfare. There was also plenty of interesting Fungi, but as usual I am unable to put a name to them.

There were suppose to be a few rare or at least uncommon birds in the area, such as Great White Egret, Goosander and Bewick's Swan but could find none of these, but was content to see such beauties as Blackbird,


Great Tit,

Chaffinch and


A couple more Fungi were found as I went a little further into the New Forest

where there was another 'feeding station' attracting a good number of birds including,

more Chaffinches,

Blue Tit, with the individual on the left looking extremely pale!

Marsh Tit were also in evidence and additionally Great Spotted Woodpecker, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Goldcrest and Jay were also seen. Thanks for tuning in!

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