Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Merry Christmas - The Beveley Sisters

Yet another bright, sparkling and mild day so a chance to walk some of the Christmas pud off with a bit of sight seeing in the market town of Beverley.

Beverley Minster what a magnificent building!

The West Tower.

West Door & Towers.

South Transept.

South Transept showing Flying Buttress.

North Tower,

and Doorway.

The Naive.

East Door & Window.

"For all the Saints who from their labours rest".

One of 3 Pipe Organs.

The glass in this panel in the Apse, above the alter, is the oldest in the building dating back to the 1300's.

There was never going to be enough time to visit York Minster so this excellent model in the Minster was second best.

Part of the South Aisle

Which way now?

The Bandstand.

No time to go into The Sun Pub but fond memories of a great musical evening the last time I was up here.

St Mary's Church

and just as fitting finale we found this Common Gull on the Duck Pond close to Beverley Racecourse.


  1. Hi again

    Thanks for the advice on the walk at South Cave, I'll give it a go sometime soon. Pretty sure I've just seen you on the seafront at Hornsea, I was gonna come and say hello but didn't want to disturb your fish and chips!!

    Keep up the great blog

  2. Your right Paul it was me with Jim the Medic having a lads day out. What a great pity you didn't come over but maybe next week in Norfolk if there's a Mega. There was a PS. when you're just beyond the crooked seats on the right you reach a T junction, best to go left. Right takes you down to the main road and pretty hazardous walk back. Left takes you through more woodland, past the quarry and through most of South Cave. Till we meet.
    Yours Aye