Saturday, 17 December 2011

Rare Birds on the Dorset List - Part I

Back in the saddle today to beautiful sunshine, clear blue skies but a still persistent and chilly north westerly breeze. Unfortunately the deficit of birds continues not only around here but throughout the county, so plenty of time to bring you this, the first of 2 long promised posts.

I should point out that it's always a great delight for me to see any bird, particularly one that has not been seen before, but to see any of the 'rarities' currently on the Dorset List wherever in the world always has that extra appeal. None of the photographs that follow were taken in this country, but are © myself and only those marked * are on my own County List.

American Herring Gull*, Cape May, New Jersey, USA.

Fan-tailed Warbler* (self found Zitting Cisticola), Limasol, Cyprus.

Dark-eyed Junco*, Renton, Seattle, Washington State, USA.

Calandra Lark, near Essaouira, Morocco.

American Robin, Central Park, New York City, USA.

Red-throated Pipit, Sharm el Sheikh Sewage Works, Egypt.

Stilt Sandpiper*, Salinas, Ecuador.

Snow Goose, near Tok, Alaska, USA.

Allan's Gallinule, Jardin du Roy, Madagascar

Savannah Sparrow*, Boston, Massachusetts.

Forster's Tern*, Bombay Hook, Kent County, Delaware, USA.

Wallcreeper, Rodopi Mountains, Bulgaria.

Part 2 of this post should appear tomorrow, followed on Monday by a roundup of the week-ends events.

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