Saturday, 24 December 2011

With My Little Ekulele In My Hand - George Formby

It was always going to be a long run from Weymouth to South Cave, a small village just outside of Hull, but the very fact that it rained continuously for the whole journey made it a little easier to bare. I wouldn't have been able to get out and about anyway so what better way of passing a wet day that going to visit 'very special friends.

Glad to be back at Beverley Road after a long absence

Jim the Medic, was quick to serve the Spanish Chicken accompanied by beer, Charlie Herring Tau Syrah, Rusty Nail and several other alcoholic beverages.

You don't get away without being Ukulelied in this house, but some relief was had when

Liz arrived back from a Girlie Night Out! The music was varied ranging from Rosin Murphy to David MacAlmont, and Pink Floyd to Chas & Dave and at 03:00

there was just time for a 'Quick Step' before Liz called it a day. Jim and I followed some 30 minutes later so needless to say it was

not at all an early start this morning, when my hosts were keen to show me their local Nature Reserve.

A good start with Siskin

and Goldfinch feeding in the Alders, and

a couple of Twitchers in the hide.

Views from the Hide.

Teal Island

and Teal in flight.

Gulls on nearby fields.

Song Thrush

and something we see precious little of in Dorset - Tree Sparrow.

Another hard day at the office and well deserving of a pint,

so off to the village of Goodmanham and more particularly the pub of the same name.

I don't remember having such a warm welcome in any pub from locals,

Landlord Vito, centre, and staff alike.

a great 'sing song' was to follow, George Formby eat your heart out, along with great fun

with every one there.

Liz unwrapped one of her Christmas presents a smashing Tambourine which added to the musical success.

Back home it was time to enjoy my Christmas Eve present to all 3 of us,

Foie Gras d'Oie and Sauternes

a nice little repast before going partying this evening, no knowing what time we'll be back so don't wait up!

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