Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Day Out With the Country Set

Another fabulous dinner last night, this time at The Pig, Brockenhurst, such a renowned restaurant it had taken a full 2 months to get a reservation. Tonight we were in company with

Ray & Lydia (top left hand corner) who have recently visited India with Hugh & Janet (sitting either side of me), while others included Daryl (left foreground) Hugh and Janet's eldest son,

and his partner Cath (in white). Again the star of the show was a Pole, this time in the form of the Sommelier, who's knowledge of wine was well worth listening to! The food was also excellent, but if I had to choose between our 2 outings, it would have to be The Three Tuns, so much so that I will be taking them all for a revisit on my next visit.

Today's activities may cause some controversy among the readership, but after all this is the countryside, so feel that as I'm in Rome so will do what the Romans do! The annual Pheasant shoot kicked off with a

Merlin preceding us down the farm track, very much in hunting mode. The photo is from the archive.

The Guns meet to discuss tactics before the hunt begins.

Bare winter branches reveled a redundant Goldfinches nest,

as Redwings were also easy to see resting in the tops.

One Man & His Dog. It was at this point that the only Woodcock* of the day was flushed from cover, but quickly disappeared back into the wood.

There were a few Common Snipe about

and a Cormorant but it was now time for

lunch of cured ham & homemade pickle sandwiches, chocolate brownies with sloe gin - that'll do for me Tommy!

Back to the beat and a few

Roe Deer were seen along with a

Grey Heron,


plus one of several Common Buzzard seen during the day.

The Year (January) List now stands at 137

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  1. Such a suave, sophisticated, debonair gentleman Paul.

    People who keep woodland/farmland in good order for shooting (what is after all introduced species that would never otherwise be in the wild in such numbers) do a great service for all our wild species of bird and animal life. So objectors need to wise up.

    Lovely Roe Deer.